computer maintenance & repair

Spam, viruses, trojans and spyware, they are all lurking out there to invade your computer and cause trouble. Not only can you lose all your data, your computer can become very sick, slow and perform poorly.

That’s why Beaver Computers offer a health check. We can visit you in your office or at home and quite simply check everything: hardware, software, the innards and the outers. We make sure your computer gets a clean bill of health.

Data loss is one of the most serious disasters than can strike. Beaver Computers offers a simple and effective back-up system. You simply set the computer to back up all you data once every 24 hours. If you don’t have a regular back-up procedure then you are living in the Stone Age.

Upgrades are a necessary part of computer maintenance. Eradicating pesky spyware that slows everything down, that’s just one of our on-going procedures that makes sure you are getting the maximum performance from your computer system.

‘I hear daily horror stories of crashing or malfunctioning computers. My office network of seven fairly elderly PCs has scarcely missed a beat since Philip Beaver has been maintaining it,’ Nick Hutchinson, Nick Hutchinson & Co, solicitors.

Don’t leave your computer systems to chance. For that diligent, reliable and dedicated service, consult Beaver Computers. 01451-850 863