Just like the much loved rodent, Beaver Computers, have all of the above attributes and more. Beaver Computers know how to find the best solutions for your computer problems.

This experienced Gloucestershire based company specialises in setting up office computer networks, broadband connections, maintenance and repairs. Beaver Computers also build, sell and support computer systems, desktops and laptops.

They can do a health check on your system and make sure all your anti-virus and anti-spam applications are bang up-to-date. You can even take a look at their preventative maintenance package and guard against breakdowns and disastrous data losses.

Don’t leave your computer systems to chance. For that diligent, reliable and dedicated service, consult Beaver Computers. 01451-850 863

office and home computer networksoffice computer networks

Our expertise in networking means that your computers and software can be linked not only within offices and homes, but also betweem them.
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ADSL broadband / satellite broadband for hotel ownerssatellite broadband

Satellite broadband is available almost ANYWHERE in the UK - rural areas need be without ADSL broadband any longer!
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computer hardware saleshardware sales

We build, sell and support computer systems, desktops and laptops.
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home and office computer maintenance and repaircomputer maintenance and repair

Our preventative maintenance will help improve computer reliability.
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If you are having problems with existing hardware, see our computer repair page.
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